Understanding root canal treatment.

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Root canal treatment is one of the common dental procedures because it is estimated that there is more the 10 million root canals performed every year in the US. Basically, root canal treatment is regarded as a very important procedure meant to save your natural teeth from infection and prevent unnecessary tooth replacements and extractions. And to understand the basics of root canal treatment, it is helpful to first understand the anatomy of the toot from the crown (the part of the tooth visible in the mouth) to the root (the part covered by gum and bone).

The crown of the teeth is made of a thicker dentine layer and hard white enamel layers, where both of these layers protect the pulp – the innermost soft tissues of the tooth. The pulp contains nerves, connective tissues andbloodvessels, and it extends from the crown to the tips of the roots. Root canal treatment involves the removal of pulp when the infections have reached the pulp tissues (as a result of deep decay, cracked tooth, fractured tooth or an extensive restoration that involves the pulp) making it inflamed and infected. More often, the sign of pulp infection or damage may involve discoloration of the teeth, pain, prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat, tenderness of the overlying gums, swelling and bad taste in the mouth.

And since removal of the pulp is the best step to take when the pulp tissues are infected, root canal treatment is automatically the best treatment. Currently root canal treatment is offered in different dental clinics across the world. All San Jose CA resident can have their root canal treatment at Natural Smiles – a dental clinics that has passion for dentistry and compassion for patients.

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