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Metal Free Composite Fillings

Restorative dentistry is an important aspect of our practice. Not only do we want to improve your smile, but we also want you to have functionally strong teeth. If you have cavities or have experienced decay, your teeth may need some form of restorative dentistry. At Natural Smiles, our metal-free dentistry services give our patients the option to preserve the beauty of their natural teeth, while repairing the function of their bite.

When plaque and bacteria erode tooth enamel, they can form cavities and areas of decay in the tooth structure. Left unchecked, this can destroy the sensitive nerves and root structure of teeth. Our composite resin fillings are placed in order to stop cavities and restore the bite surface. During the procedure, the decay and only a minimal amount of the original tooth structure will be removed. Composite resin fillings appear natural and are virtually undetectable in your smile. Even if you have previously placed metal fillings, they can be removed and replaced with composite tooth-colored fillings that are beautiful and metal free.

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